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Come and experience positive life-nurturing techniques to promote holistic health and wellness in body, mind and spirit with quantum reflexologist, master energy healer and naturopath David G. Speer.

  • Nearly four decades of experience in reflexology.
  • Taught by five master reflexologists, several naturopaths and a variety of energetic healers.
  • 95% success with typical foot pain, daily aches and pains, and those common malfunctions involving the adrenals, stress, neck and tight ileocecal valve.*

As a practitioner, teacher and ordained minister, David understands the connection between emotional trauma and the physical body, and the weight we carry at times from "cultural damage". He believes in loving yourself and your neighbor, and endeavors in his latest healing work to bring together the best of ancient wisdom and the success of alternative medicine for extraordinary results today.

At this time, due to the coronavirus and COVID-19 concerns, many services are available via remote telephone sessions.

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Quantum Reflexology

Traditional reflexology is an ancient art that applies pressure to reflex points or zones on your hands or feet that correspond with individual glands, nerves, muscles, and organs through the energetic meridians. As the energy systems of your own body are restored, pain, blockage and trouble often disappear and the body is able to return to optimum health.

The results of reflexology are equal if not surpassing acupuncture, and unlike acupuncture no needles or foreign objects are inserted into the body.

After more than thirty years of study, quantum reflexology developed as David encountered fundamental forms of energy. With intention, intelligent cosmic energies are added to classical reflexology to produce greater interactions and often miraculous transformations at incredible speed.

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Energy & Spirit Healing

Energy and qi, vibration and frequency, spirit and prayer seek to catalyze healing on deep fundamental levels. The energetic and the spiritual are not always understood from a mechanical perspective; but these complex processes are real, powerful and life-changing.

Higher energy treatment often resembles liquid love or a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around your entire whole person. Many report a new encounter with joy and inner peace as healing moves through the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Miracles become easy, exciting and regular. And everyone is welcome.

David also successfully treats dogs and cats - those pets who are our dear companions - and houses and businesses, which may be influenced by the life forces and energetic interactions of people present or deceased.

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Beyond Time & Place

Energy and spirit are not confined by time or space.

David can provide many forms of remote treatment, over the phone, much like remote viewing, when travel is not possible.

The human consciousness is multi-dimensional, non-local and available anywhere.

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Hand & Foot Quantum Reflexology

Physical pressure is applied to the feet or hands to initiate change in individual glands, nerves, muscles, and organs throughout your body. Qi is activated at the same time.

Qi (Chi), Prana, Reiki & Spirit Energy Healings

Universal intelligent energies can be channeled to facilitate the natural extraordinary healing processes that restore the body as well as the psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Phoenix Vibrational Healing

Or frequency healing, is one of several modalities that treats the multi-dimensional levels of the body / mind / energy field complex. In this modality several subtle energetic bodies are carefully studied and treated by focus and visualization.

House & Space Clearing & Blessing

A home should have a sense of security, light and warmth; a business, a sense of stability, integrity and virtue.

Holistic Health, Quartz Crystals & Ortho-bionomy

In a comfortable space of love and acceptance, safe non-invasive naturopathic treatments encourage the different ways health can be restored. David is an expert in the electromagnetic properties of quartz crystals. For decades he has achieved magnificent results with ortho-bionomy, a gentle osteopathic modality that allows the neuromuscular anatomy to restore itself through supported movements, stretches and positions.

Life Readings

Each of our transcendent minds can access messages and communications, inspirations and revelations, directions and guidance for our identities and futures.

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Please keep in mind that communications via email over the internet are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed. Please do not include your birth date, or personal financial or confidential medical information. No one can diagnose your condition from email or replace the medical advice of your physician.

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