Master Reflexologist, Advocate, Healer

David G. Speer, Ph.D., is a master reflexologist, experienced energy healer, educator and ordained non-denominational minister.

He has studied and practiced holistic healing – spirit, thoughts, emotions and body – around the world.

  • Nearly four decades of experience in reflexology.
  • Taught by five master reflexologists, several naturopaths and a variety of energetic healers.
  • 95% success with typical foot pain, daily aches and pains, and those common malfunctions involving the adrenals, stress, neck and tight ileocecal valve.*

About David G. Speer

David's work brings together the best current holistic knowledge and the world’s religions. One of his great loves is reflexology. David has studied and practiced hand and foot reflexology by observing closely, learning from masters in the field, and remaining open to the wonders of the universe. He is often able to resolve past, present and even future imbalances in the body.

David holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathy, a B.S. in Mathematics, is certified in Electro-Psychometrics and certified as a Level 7 Advanced Practitioner in Phoenix Vibrational Healing, which addresses the underlying foundation of the entire body, mind, energy field complex, sometimes called the morphogenetic field, to clear discordant energetic blockages to facilitate healing. He is a past president for the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania, America's oldest established hypnotism society. He is also a master reflexologist, a master practitioner in Reiki and a spiritual minister. He has studied with masters in Ortho-Bionomy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • David has served as a popular and well-respected instructor, intuitive counselor and speaker.
  • His venues include guest-speaking and platform reading at the local Spiritualist Church and instructing at the Community College of Allegheny County, the Pittsburgh School of Massage and Lily Dale Assembly, Inc, in New York.
  • David first became interested in holistic healing in 1981 while participating in a massage class. He discovered that once stress is removed the spirit-mind-body can respond naturally to bring about holistic healing for the individual. He has since traveled around the world, and looks forward to visiting the Philippines again.

About Appointments:

David Cares About You

David welcomes prospective clients to personally email him using the form below or call.

His practice is fee for service, starting at $40 per half hour.

Your results and holistic healing matter to David. He requests all those who receive his services to please update him one to two days after a session.


David is located in Pittsburgh, and does make house calls within the surrounding areas.

On special request he travels. The fees change to accommodate travel expenses.

He receives individuals by appointment, and has flexible scheduling on both weekdays and weekends.

Remote & Long-Distance Healing

Consciousness and energy are capable of non-local contact, and David performs remote energy healing, vibrational healing and related sessions, by telephone.

Video conferences are available through Skype with your computer or smartphone.

Today David's energetic healing work has never been stronger. His ongoing endeavor is to open a new world of spiritual healing for all who work and study with him.

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David prefers telephone calls over email. His phone number is 412-362-3569.

Please keep in mind that communications via email over the internet are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed. Please do not include your birth date, or personal financial or confidential medical information. No one can diagnose your condition from email or replace the medical advice of your physician.


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Other ways to connect

  • Phone

    David is personally available to answer questions by phone, between 9-10 AM, EST


  • House Calls

    David is available for house calls within the tristate area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • FaceBook

* Results for each person will vary; but David will do his utmost best.