Advanced Energy Work & Healing

Beneath the physical, the psychological, the emotional are energy and spirit.

These universal intelligent energies can be channeled to facilitate the natural extraordinary healing processes that restore the body as well as the psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Miracles become possible & regular. everyone is welcome.

Energy and spirit, faith and prayer ministrations, frequency and vibration - all can transform, restoring and healing on a very deep human level.

Energy healings are cultivated by consciousness and intention. Although often considered supernatural or paranormal, higher energies and subtle energies are reachable, natural and safe. A treatment often resembles liquid love or a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around your entire whole person - feelings of joy and peace as healing moves through your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Higher healing energies are intelligent. correctly channeled, the energies often lead the way on their own. David invites and allows the energies to move through him as needed.

Energy work will:

  • Treat you, a loved one, an animal or a place, regardless of your location or belief system, provided that you are open.
  • Cleanse, clear and remove negative energy, thought forms, patterns, causes and unhelpful entities.
  • Place you in a position where you can touch the miraculous and more easily commune with your highest and greatest good.

Meditation and Nondenominational Prayer Work

David welcomes all people, of all faiths, of any sexuality and history. He is an ordained nondenominational minister. As a spiritual-energetic treatment, David's meditation and prayer work are not dependent upon your own intellectual capacity or spiritual development. You do not need to even believe in the Creator, but only allow the possibility.

Many discover their results continue growing for long periods after. Unexpected resolutions, alignments and healings unfold as you journey forward.

House and Place Clearings

Life forces are not confined to the visible. Sometimes a location requires energetic healing or balancing, much like a person.

A home should have a sense of security, light and warmth; a business, a sense of stability, integrity and virtue.

David believes harmonizing your surrounding environment can directly connect with the personal areas of your life: your success, your health, your peace.

Strange occurrences, a sense of unease, even an abiding negative entity are easily resolved with the right intervention.

At times David may us certain stones or crystals, frequencies or sounds, sacred objects or smudging - a purifying sacred smoke -along with his energetic work to restore the environment.

Qi (Chi), Quantum, Prana Healing

Cosmic energies can be channeled by myriad techniques in different cultures. Qi, prana and spirit are all-pervasive.

Life energy systems and chakras can be cleansed, balanced, unblocked and amplified. Karmic patterns can be lifted and changed.

Consciousness and emotions influence our energetic systems. David also works with hopono for reconciliation and forgiveness.

David also uses the electro-magnetic properties of quartz crystals for energetic fields, auras and chakras.

His practice is fee for service, starting at $80 per half hour.

Phoenix Vibrational Healings

Or frequency healing, is one of several modalities that treats the multi-dimensional levels of the body / mind / energy field complex. In this modality several subtle energetic bodies are carefully studied and treated by focus and visualization.

Sometimes the practitioner uses the frequencies of the human voice to produce greater levels of sympathetic resonance with the patient. This may resemble breath work or even, according to some, the sound of water and air. The human consciousness, through intention and voice, can deliver millions of discrete vibrational frequencies to assist the healing process through the multi-dimensional levels of the human energy field. This is sometimes called an ascension experience because the human consciousness is interacting spiritually on a cellular level. The aim is to adjust the subtle frequencies of the physical body to access higher dimensional energies and spiritual resources.

David has studied this complex modality for many years, and holds the highest certification possible (Level 9) and is considered an advanced practitioner.



Another energetic modality comes from two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". The sum translation for Reiki is best rendered"spiritually guided life force energy."

Reiki is not only taught, but energetically transferred from a master to a student. David has received all three successive levels or degrees of Reiki: the opening of the energy channel; the cultivation of the channel with the power, mental and distance symbols; and the third master initiation which can initiate Reiki energy in others for their journeys.


Long Distance & Remote Healing

Energy and spirit are not confined by time or space, and are multi-dimensional anywhere. David can provide many forms of remote treatment, over the phone, much like remote viewing, when travel is not possible.

Long distance sessions require a great deal of preparation and concentration; David is only able to provide so many remote sessions per week. If you are in urgent need of a remote healing appointment when sending a message online, please let David know; he will do his very best to accommodate you or your loved one.

Before your remote session:

  • If possible please find a quiet place that will not produce distractions and where you will not be interrupted.
  • Please do not drive a vehicle. If you must drive, please reschedule.
  • Neither a heavy meal nor excessive fasting are recommended before your session. You should feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Unrestrictive clothing or no clothing, and only a light blanket, are helpful.
  • Consider bringing any special sacramental objects that are important to you - a picture of a loved one, a rosary, a crystal - into the session; these objects can help your communion.

After your session:

  • Please spend at least fifteen minutes in that same quiet place.
  • Please do not drive, operate heavy machinery or make any significant decisions for at least fifteen minutes after your session.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Gratitude: How to Continue Receiving

Consider giving thanks to yourself, God or the universe after your session. If this feels unusual, give thanks to good friends, good food or anything that makes you happy. Gratitude is a special vibration and can help us continue in a frequency that resonates with what is much larger than ourselves - the source of miracles - so that we may continue receiving our highest and greatest good, hours, days, even weeks after an energetic session has ended.

Your session with David has concluded, but your session with the miraculous is just beginning!

Many discover their results continue growing for long periods after. Unexpected resolutions, alignments and healings unfold as you journey toward your highest and greatest good.

Schedule or Inquire Further

David prefers telephone calls (1pm-5pm EST weekdays). His phone number is 412-362-3569.

Please keep in mind that communications via email over the internet are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed. Please do not include your birth date, or personal financial or confidential medical information. No one can diagnose your condition from email or replace the medical advice of your physician.


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