Holistic Healing & complimentary Wellness

In a comfortable space of love and acceptance, safe non-invasive naturopathic treatments encourage the different ways in nature health can be restored.

Ortho-Bionomy - The Healing Body

A gentle osteopathically-based modality allows the neuromuscular anatomy to restore itself through supported movements, stretches and positions.

Ortho-bionomy listens to the stresses and postures of the body, and with guiding movements allows muscles, joints and tendons to naturally release and self-correct, removing chronic pain, restoring flexibility and soothing the whole body.

The movements, compressions, lengthenings and contractions in ortho-bionomy are never painful and can shift not only physical pain into relief but emotional and psychological stress into wellbeing.


Quartz Crystals

The electro-magnetic properties of quartz crystals can take away common aches and pains.

Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain materials (notably crystals, some ceramics and biological matter such as bone, DNA and proteins) to generate an electric field or electric potential in response to stimulation. Just as the rose is the most perfect representation of beauty in the plant kingdom, the quartz crystal is the essence of beauty in the mineral kingdom.

During the session, David will hold, move and rotate the quartz crystals around your energetic fields according to the natural rhythms. The crystals, once establishing a rapport with your energetic fields, will pull together and balance the energies that work around and through you. Many report sensations of peace, gentle magnetism and often a subtle soothing vibration.


Holistic Health & Naturopathy

Naturopaths believe certain super foods may not only nutritionally feed your body, but free your vital forces to restore bodily processes. Naturopathy favors a holistic approach, when possible, before surgery or drugs, to assist the body and mind in their latent dynamic powers to heal.

Super foods are nutrient-rich, and help you fight disease, experience new vitality and even lose weight. Knowing your goals will help David recommend the right foods. Super foods can help your skin appear younger, your heart stay healthy, your bone density remain strong. David has seen changes in diet produce rapid improvement in sleep, memory and coordination.

Beyond super foods, David recommends foot and hand reflexology as profoundly relaxing and assisting the body’s own healing processes by rebalancing energies, energy healing for specific concerns and quartz crystals for common aches and pains.


Mind Healing & More

Negative mental states; the traumas of abuse, disappointment and poverty; environmental poisoning; and repetitive emotional programming can result in life challenges that no longer nourish our identities or journeys. Mind healing (formerly Mind Yoga) is learning to take control of your own thinking to be calm, healthy and happy; and to rediscover your intuition along the way. Specific thought techniques and meditations help identify and clear hidden hurts.

Group Healing

Group healing or the power of synergy can produces a significant momentum. One healing in a group can catalyze healing for many and many miracles can happen when our minds and hearts are in harmony for our common good. In a group setting we will harmonize individual energies until we are surrounded by a field of positive energy. The field will expand through each person and magnify our potentials, raising each of us up as we are united by the whole of our positive intention and focused belief. This united field of energy is responsive to our intentions and can work many powerful miracles with astonishing ease.

Love Healing

Discover how to live in a space of complete love, which attracts the highest and best into your life – and those people who also operate from a space of unconditional love. As a past president for the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania, America's oldest established hypnotism society, David can lead you through established NLP, self hypnosis and visualization techniques. David is also an ordained non-denominational minister who performs prayer work without prejudice, and instructs in non-denominational spiritual techniques to grow in healthy self-love; to resolve deep stresses, traumas and fears; to free your energies from grief, embarrassment and anger to move once more on your journey of joy.

Quantum Reflexology Qi & Energy Treatments

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