Life Readings

The deep mind and spirit connect with planes of memory and experience that are beyond time and space, making information available to us for powerful changes and our highest and greatest good.

A higher reality engages our minds all the time.

David believes each of our minds can access messages and communications, inspirations and revelations for our identities and even events to come. Many refer to this process as paranormal, supernatural, psychic, prophetic. Regardless of the terms or individual method, in a place of relaxation extraordinary things can happen.

Palmistry is a method of tuning into certain shapes and physical lines on the palms of the hands. David believes quantum-based consciousness retrieves the information, for our best interests. When a positive change occurs from the new information, he has observed the physical shapes and lines on the palms change to reflect the new reality.

With astrology, the positions of celestial objects during human affairs - your birth, significant decisions - can provide insight and direction. David believes the subtle influences of our surrounding universe are not often considered by our contemporary culture; the rediscovery of these influences can enhance our interactions, choices and strategies.

With Tarot card reading, David believes the transcendent mind intercedes to influence what would otherwise be a random order, producing strong narratives and messages that can be read. The messages come for our benefit, and allow us to embrace opportunities and remove blocks.

With professional dowsing, the mind taps into enormous amounts of information when properly initiated and correctly applied.

Life readings can:

  • Assist you in the healing process by seeking guidance from planes of immense information.
  • Access possibilities in the future, allowing you to change what would not be beneficial, and reach your highest and greatest good.
  • Reveal the invisible, only for your highest and greatest good, for space clearing and new paths of growth.

Schedule or Inquire Further

David prefers telephone calls (1pm-5pm EST, weekdays). His phone number is 412-362-3569.

Please keep in mind that communications via email over the internet are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed. Please do not include your birth date, or personal financial or confidential medical information. No one can diagnose your condition from email or replace the medical advice of your physician.


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Other ways to connect

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    David is personally available to answer questions by phone, 1pm-5pm EST weekdays


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    David is available for house calls within the tristate area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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