After being gravely ill for seven and a half years...

with 13 major surgeries,

1,386 days in the hospital,

8.5 million dollars of insurance money spent on therapies that weren't working,

I went to David Speer for a consultation.

After two hours, with David's help, the life force returned to my body, restoring it, and I have been doing well ever since.

Thanks to David, I have received my life back.

- Edward Buechele, CEO

The Brinkman Group of Pittsburgh

I was scheduled for sinus surgery...

I worked with David

I did not need the surgery!

- Kathy O'Brien

David's work in ortho-bionomy...

has effectively released chronic muscle tension in my neck which no other therapy was able to do.

As a chiropractor, I can both recommend and suggest you experience his expertise.

- Dr. Jeanine Streber, D.C.

David came to the Three Rivers Senior Center...

to perform simple hand and foot reflexology on 14 of our members.

I was amazed that the daily discomforts of our members were mostly relieved after only 2 hours of his time.

One of the women, who was having trouble hearing, and who had received no help from hearing aids, had her hearing restored to normal after just a few minutes of David's time.

Another woman suffering a weak left arm after a stroke, regained the use of her arm as a result of David's work with her.

We recommend other Senior Centers request the services of David G. Speer.

- Sherry H. Thomas

Site Manager
Three Rivers Senior Center
Pittsburgh, PA

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